Corporate Philosophy

Responding to expectations and requests from society,we will demonstrate the significance of existence and strive for sustainable growth by providing services that anticipate the times and added value.
Become a company in which employees can reach their full potential through business activities that are sound and transparent.
Contribute to the growth and development of the local community and society by complying strictly with all statutory and regulatory requirements and engaging in business activities that take into consideration environmental concerns.

Corporate Vision

Through mobility services that respond to changes in the times, we will continue to be a partner trusted by society, by creating value, providing safe and high-quality services.

Action Guidelines

Adopt the basic stance of resolving customers' issues and act accordingly
Engage in flexible and timely activities that fully take into account changes in customers' needs
Promote ongoing innovation free of stereotypes and preconceived ideas
Boldly take up new challenges and promote a strong sense of being a part of a team
Work sincerely to fulfill the Company's social responsibilities